Tumbling Sky - Psalms for Weary Souls

by Matt Searles

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In a society uncomfortable with brokenness and suffering, and in a church culture where struggles and doubts may not always seem welcome, the psalms are a precious gift, as God gives us words to pray to him in all seasons of life.

The psalms teach us authentic spirituality – that brokenness is not a sign of spiritual failure, that sadness is not a denial of the gospel, that tears are not incompatible with the hope of resurrection we have in Christ.

Jesus doesn’t say ‘Come to me you who are happy, come to me you who have everything sorted out, come to me you who have all your questions answered.’ Jesus says ‘Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.’

My prayer for this album, and for the accompanying devotions, is that these psalms will help us engage with God in times of trial, and come to Jesus Christ who gives rest to weary souls.


released June 10, 2016

Produced by Matt Searles
Co-produced by Joel Sczebel and Jamie Masters
Recorded at Echo Studios, Buckingham, UK
Engineered by Jamie Masters
Additional recording:
Jacob Bozarth at Resonate Recordings, Louisville, KY
Grace Nixon at Sovereign Grace Studio, Louisville, KY
Sam Dyson at Free House Studios, Bristol, UK

Mixed and mastered by Paul Mahern
Additional mixing by Matt Dennis
Design by Ben Clube
Album promotion video by Quirky Motion

Acoustic/electric guitars: Joel Sczebel
Acoustic/electric guitars: Phil Short
Keys/Hammond/Rhodes/Organ: Jonatan Barahona
Drums: Ross Garrod
Bass: Si Short
Cello: Bethany Payne
Fiddle: Colin Hall

Vocals: Whitney Bozarth (tracks 1 & 7), Sarah Grayshon (2 & 10), Rebekah Tubbs (3 & 9), Liv Chapman (4), Alanna Glover (5 & 8), Rebecca Elliott (6)
Backing vocals: Whitney Bozarth, Jonatan Barahona, Alanna Glover, Liv Chapman, Stella Vassiliou, Cat Hartley, Micah Coston, Matt Lloyd, Matt Searles

All words by Matt Searles. All tunes by Matt Searles apart from ‘Darkness’ (trad. tune adapted by Joel Sczebel), ‘My soul finds rest’ (trad. tune) and ‘With all my heart’ (trad. tune).


all rights reserved



Matt Searles Oxford, UK

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Track Name: Lord Hear My Prayer (Psalm 143)
Lord hear my prayer
In your righteousness
Listen to my cry for mercy
Bring me relief
And end to my grief
Saviour come quickly to me
Do not bring me
To your judgment seat
For no-one is righteous before you
All my hope is in you

The enemy comes
I’m crushed to the ground
And I’m forced to dwell in the darkness
My spirit grows faint
My heart is dismayed
Do not hide your face from me Lord
Yet this I recall
Your deeds from of old
The works of salvation you’ve done
How I thirst for you, Lord

Now teach me to walk
Before you my God
Send forth your Spirit to lead me
Give life to my soul
For your great name’s sake
Do not let evil hold sway
In your steadfast love
Destroy all my foes
Deliver me Lord in your righteousness
I will live for you Lord

© Matt Searles 2016
Track Name: Darkness (Psalm 88)
Saviour God, I cry to you
With tears both night and day
Turn your ear towards me Lord
And hear me when I pray
Troubles rise within my soul
My life draws near the grave
All my strength has ebbed away
No health in me remains

Tis you O Lord, have cast me down
Beneath the stormy sea
I cry out, but none shall hear
My eyes are dim with grief
What gain if I should fade and die?
Can shadows bring you praise?
Who can know your faithfulness
When they lie in the grave?

But I, O Lord, cry out to you
When dawn sends forth its rays
Why do you hide your face from me
And turn my soul away?
For many years beneath your hand
My sorrows know no end
None have I to share my grief
But darkness my closest friend

© Matt Searles 2016
Track Name: How Long O Lord? (Psalm 13)
How long O Lord will you forget me?
How long O Lord will you hide your face away?
How long O Lord must anxious thoughts arise in me?
And all the day have sorrow in my heart?

Consider me - give me an answer Lord
Light up my eyes, or my soul will sleep in death
My enemies threaten me on ev’ry side
And they rejoice every time I fall

But I will trust your steadfast love
Your grace and mercy shown to me
My soul will sing to you my Lord
For I know you have been good to me

© Matt Searles 2016
Track Name: Saviour Shepherd Me (Psalm 23)
The Lord’s my shepherd
Nothing shall I lack, or need
He bids my soul rest
In the pastures wide and green

Saviour shepherd me
Saviour shepherd me

His grace restores me
I walk in paths of righteousness
And for His glory
My king will keep me till the end

You are all I need
Jesus all I need

Your love and mercy follow me
Til I feast at the table of the King

And in the shadow
When all my path’s too dark to see
My Lord is with me
His rod and staff will comfort me

Saviour shepherd me
Saviour shepherd me
You are all I need
Jesus all I need

Your love and mercy follow me
Til I feast at the table of the King
Saviour shepherd me
Saviour shepherd me

© Matt Searles 2016
Track Name: I Have Seen You (Psalm 63)
Saviour you are my God
I seek you with all of my heart
My body and soul cry out for you
I’ll praise you as long as I live
With every breath that you give
I will lift up my hands to you
You satisfy my soul

I have seen you in the sanctuary
And known your power, beheld your glory
Your love is greater than anything
This life could give or world afford me

I think of you in the night
With terrors on every side
I’m safe in the shadow of your wings
No enemy could stand
Before your mighty hand
Soon you will crush the evil one
Beneath our feet

And when my faith is weak, strong arms hold me
I fear my feet may slip, your right arm holds me fast

© Matt Searles 2016
Track Name: Fortress (Psalm 46)
O God our rock, our strong defence
Our hiding place, in ev’ry trial
Though mountains fall, and oceans roar
Nothing shall I fear, nothing shall I fear
Nothing shall I fear O Lord

A river flows, beneath your throne
Within these walls, we stand secure
You lift your voice, the nations fade
Soon you will return, soon you will return
Soon you will return to save

Our God, fortress for the weak
Help in time of need
Strong deliverer
Our God, with us in the storm
With us evermore
Mighty Lord of all

Come now behold, the deeds of God
His reign of peace in all the earth
He breaks the bow, an end to war
Be still before the Lord, be still before the Lord
Be still before the Lord most high

© Matt Searles 2016
Track Name: Weeping Is Only for a Night (Psalm 30)
Weeping is only for a night
Weeping is only for a night
In the morning we rejoice

I will exalt you Lord, you lifted me
You’ve not abandoned me to my enemies
I called upon your name
You healed me in your grace
You spared my life from going to the grave

When Lord you favoured me I felt secure
But when you hid your face, I was dismayed
Your anger will not last
It is in a moment passed
But your favour for a lifetime will remain

© Matt Searles
Track Name: Be Exalted Lord (Psalm 57)
Have mercy on me Lord
You’re my strength in every trial
You’re my shelter from the storm
Have mercy on me Lord
I will sing beneath the shadow
Of your strong and mighty wings
Though I lie down amongst the lions
You are there
Though I may walk through the fire
I’ll not be harmed

Be exalted Lord
Let your glory fill the earth
Be exalted Lord
Let your glory fill the earth, fill the earth

When darkness closes in
And my enemies surround me
You will send your love and grace
Awake my soul
I will praise your great salvation
With a song I’ll wake the dawn
Your love is high above the heavens
It fills the sky
I’ll sing your praise among the nations
Lord most high

© Matt Searles 2016
Track Name: My Soul Finds Rest (Psalm 62)
My soul finds rest in God alone
Salvation comes from him my rock
My one defence against the foe
He holds me firm no more to fall
How long O men will you attack
And break me down, and crush my soul
Their words are sweet but in their hearts
They feed on lies and curse the Lord

Find rest my soul in God alone
The source of all my joy and hope
My one defence against the foe
He holds me firm no more to fall
The Lord most high sustains my life
A place of peace amidst the waves
O put your trust in God our rock
Pour out your hearts and know his grace

How frail is man, just like a breath
Both rich and poor arise and fall
When wealth may come, preserve your hearts
Don’t set your hope on earthly gold
One thing O Lord you said to me
That you are good and you are strong
You will reward to every man
According to the things we’ve done

© Matt Searles 2016
Track Name: With All My Heart (Psalm 138)
With all my heart I’ll praise you
Joining with the angels I will sing

You heard my cry for mercy
From the depths you saved me, made me bold

Let all the earth adore you
Every King and nation, shout your name

You look upon the lowly
From your throne of glory, you stoop down

Though I may walk through trouble
Your right hand will save me from all harm

Your love endures forever
Saviour you will lead me, bring me home

© Matt Searles 2016

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