now and not yet

by Matt Searles

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We need the psalms. Not only does God graciously reveal himself to us in his word, but he also gives us vocabulary to express our experience of him. The psalms speak of joy, confidence, celebration and praise, but also despair, grief, questioning and doubt. Rather than deny these feelings, our loving Father tells us to bring them all to him. The psalms are the words he gives us to do this.
The psalms speak of the great joy there is in this life in following the Lord, but also the fact that we await the new heavens and earth before we’ll fully experience all the blessings that are ours in Christ. In short, the psalms speak of what is now and not yet.



released October 1, 2011

In memory of Rosie Searles (1949-2010)
Proceeds from the sale of this album will be given to
Christianity Expored (,
a cause to which Rosie was so committed in the final
few years of her life.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Lead me to the rock (psalm 61)
Hear my cry O God and answer me
Listen to my prayer
From the ends of earth I call to you
As my heart grows faint
Lord you are my refuge
You are my strong tower

Lead me to the rock
Lead me to the rock
That is higher than I
Lead me to the rock
Lead me to the rock
That is higher than I

Lord I long to dwell within your house
Stay forever more
I take refuge underneath your wings
You have heard my prayer
You are my inheritance
For I fear you Lord

May the life you give the King be long
Give him many years
May he rule the world eternally
With your love and truth
Then will I sing praise to you
And fulfil my vows

© Matt Searles
Track Name: Restore our fortunes (psalm 126)
When the LORD restored our fortunes
We were men who dreamed
Then our mouths were filled with laughter
And with songs to sing
It was said among the nations “God has favoured them” Yes the LORD our God did great things for us
Joy was ours again

We sow in tears, we reap with joy
We sow in tears, we reap with joy
We sow in tears, we reap with joy
The way of Jesus

Now restore our fortunes LORD Like a desert stream
He who sows in tears of sorrow
Joyfully will reap
He who goes out while he’s weeping
With his seed to sow
Will return with songs of joy
Bringing harvest home

We sow in tears, we reap with joy
We sow in tears, we reap with joy
We sow in tears, we reap with joy
The way of Jesus
We set our eyes on joys unseen
We’re called to die before we live
We sow in tears, we reap with joy
The way of Jesus

Yes the LORD did great things for us
Joy will be ours again

© Matt Searles and Miriam Jones
Track Name: Wait for the Lord (psalm 27)
The Lord’s my light and my salvation
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord’s the stronghold of my life
I won’t be afraid
When men attack me and pursue me
They all will fall
And though an army camps against me
I will trust in him

I will see the goodness of the Lord
In the land of the living
I will see the goodness of the Lord
Be strong, take heart, and wait for the Lord

One thing I ask now from the Lord
To dwell with him
To gaze forever on his beauty
And never leave
For in all trouble he will keep me
Safe in his arms
Then he will lift me, so I’ll praise him
He is my rock

O hear my voice, Lord, when I call
And answer me
My heart says “I will seek your face”
Don’t turn away
Lord don’t reject me or forsake me
Though others do
Teach me your ways and lead me onward
Lord bring me home

© Matt Searles
Track Name: Be at rest (psalm 116)
I love the Lord, he heard my voice
He heard my cry for mercy
Because he turned his ear to me
I call upon his name
The cords of death entangled me
The anguish of the grave
When sorrow overcame my soul
I cried “O Lord please save!”

You delivered my soul from death
My eyes from tears
My feet from stumbling, Lord
That I may walk before you Lord my God
As long as I shall live

O how can I repay the Lord
For all the grace he’s shown me?
I’ll lift to him salvation’s cup
And call upon his name
I’ll speak of him with every breath
I’ll do all I have promised
I’ll trust him when affliction comes
And all men let me down

How precious in the sight of God
The death of all his saints
Now I am one of them indeed
You’ve freed my from my chains
I’ll praise you for your righteousness
Your mercy and your grace
I’ll gather with the church of God
And I will praise your name

Be at rest O my soul
Be at rest once more
Be at rest O my soul
For the Lord has been good to you

© Matt Searles
Track Name: Carry us (psalm 28)
To you I call O Lord my rock
Do not be deaf to me
For if I do not hear your voice
I’ll sink into the grave
Oh hear my cry for mercy
I call to you for aid
I lift my hands towards you Lord
Towards your dwelling place

You are our fortress, Lord
Mighty and strong to save
You are our shepherd
Carry us in your arms
Carry us in your arms
Carry us in your arms O Lord

Don’t treat me like your enemies
Who turn to evil deeds
Who harbour malice in their hearts
But with their lips speak peace
Bring back on them what they deserve
Let no sin go unpaid
Yet I myself have unclean hands
I fall upon your grace

All praise to God who heard my cry
For grace in time of need
The Lord’s my strength and mighty shield
My soul will trust in him
My heart exalts and sings for joy
I will give thanks to him
He rules with justice and with grace
Through his anointed king

© Matt Searles
Track Name: Pleasures eternal (psalm 16)
O Lord, you are my refuge
O Lord, my only good thing
I love all of your people, they’re my delight
Oh how I know, sorrows will increase
For those who turn from you
I won’t join in their worship, in their lies

You have made known the path of life
Fullness of joy in your presence
Pleasures eternal at your right hand
Its where I want to be, its where I want to be

O Lord, you are my portion
All I have, your have ordained it
The boundary lines have fallen well for me
All that you give, I will delight in
You teach me your ways
The Lord is at my side, I will not be moved

O Lord, you hold my future
O Lord, you fill me with gladness
My heart and soul and body are safe with you
I am secure, never abandoned
I will not fear the grave
You will not let your holy one decay

© Matt Searles
Track Name: Out of the depths (psalm 130)
LORD from the depths I call to you
LORD hear me from on high
Give attention to my voice
When I for mercy cry
When I for mercy cry

LORD in your presence who can stand
If you our sins record?
Yet forgiveness is with you
That we may fear you LORD
That we may fear you LORD

I wait - my soul waits - for the LORD
My hope is in his word
More than watchmen wait for dawn
My soul waits for the Lord
My soul waits for the Lord

O Israel put your hope in God
For mercy is with him
Full redemption - from their sins
His people he'll redeem
His people he'll redeem

Words from Sing Psalms © Free Church of Scotland Psalmody Committee (2003), used with permission.
Music © Matt Searles
Track Name: In every circumstance (psalm 34)
In every circumstance I’ll praise
Even when I am weak and poor
Affliction will not close my mouth
Let us exalt the Lord
In my distress the Lord was good
From trouble I was saved
The angel of the Lord encamps
Round all who fear his name

Oh taste and see
Our God is good
Oh taste and see his grace
Come fear the Lord
Find your rest in him
Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing

If you love life and want good days
Then keep your tongue from speaking lies
Turn back from evil and do good
Seek peace instead of strife
The eyes of God are on his saints
His ears will hear their call
But he will banish evil men
The wicked all will fall

When brokenhearted and oppressed
God promises he will be near
The righteous man has many trials
But God is quick to hear
He will not let them break his bones
He will redeem his life
God is a refuge for his sons
He lifts them all on high

© Matt Searles
Track Name: Weeping is only for a night (psalm 30)
Weeping is only for a night
Weeping is only for a night
In the morning we rejoice

I will exalt you Lord, you lifted me
You’ve not abandoned me to my enemies
I called upon your name
You healed me in your grace
You spared my life from going to the grave

When Lord you favoured me I felt secure
But when you hid your face, I was dismayed
Your anger will not last
It is in a moment passed
But your favour for a lifetime will remain

© Matt Searles
Track Name: I lift up my eyes to the hills (psalm 121)
I lift up my eyes to the hills
Where am I to look for my aid?
My help comes to me from the LORD
By whom earth and heaven were made
Your foot he will not leave to slide
His watch over you he will keep
The LORD over Israel keeps watch
And he will not slumber or sleep

The LORD will keep watch over you
Your shade from the heat and the light
The sun will not harm you by day
The moon will not harm you by night
The LORD will protect you from harm
Your life he will ever defend
He’ll guard you in every step you take
And he will be with you ‘til the end

Words from Sing Psalms © Free Church of Scotland Psalmody Committee (2003), used with permission.
Music © Matt Searles
Track Name: Immanuel's land
The sands of time are sinking
The dawn of heaven breaks
The summer morn I've sighed for
The fair sweet morn awakes
So dark has been the midnight
But dayspring is at hand
And glory, glory dwells within Immanuel's land

Oh Christ he is the fountain
The deep sweet well of love
The streams on earth I've tasted
More deep I'll drink above
There to an ocean fulness
His mercy will expand
And glory, glory dwells within Immanuel's land

The bride eyes not her garment
But her dear bridegroom's face
I will not gaze at glory
but on my King of grace
Not at the crown he gives us
But on his nail-pierced hand
The lamb is all the glory of Immanuel's land

Oh I am my beloved's
And my beloved is mine
He brings a poor vile sinner
Into his house of wine
I stand upon his merit
I know no other stand
To him be all the glory in Immanuel's land

Words by Anne Ross Cousin (1824-1906)
Music © Matt Searles

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