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by Matt Searles

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I love the LORD, he heard my voice He heard my cry for mercy Because he turned his ear to me I call upon his name The cords of death entangled me The anguish of the grave
 When sorrow overcame my soul I cried “O LORD please save!” You delivered my soul from death My eyes from tears My feet from stumbling, LORD That I may walk before you, LORD my God As long as I shall live Oh how can I repay the LORD For all the grace heʼs shown me? Iʼll lift to him salvationʼs cup And call upon his name Iʼll speak of him with every breath Iʼll do all I have promised
 Iʼll trust him when affliction comes And all men let me down Be at rest O my soul
 Be at rest once more
 How precious in the sight of God: The death of all his saints
 Now I am one of them indeed Youʼve freed my from my chains
 Iʼll praise you for your righteousness Your mercy and your grace Iʼll gather with the church of God And I will praise your name Be at rest O my soul
 Be at rest once more
 Be at rest O my soul
 For the LORD has been good to you
He wraps himself in light as with a garment He stretches out the heavens like a tent He set his heavenly palace on the waters He rides his chariot upon the wind He laid the earth on its foundations At his rebuke the waters fled The mighty seas were banished from our borders They will not flood the earth again Creator, sustainer You’re robed in glorious splendour O LORD how great you are Bless the LORD, O my soul Bless the LORD, O my soul He makes the mountains flow with rushing torrents And streams of living waters on the land The LORD will make the earth produce a harvest And bread and wine make glad the heart of man He gave the moon to govern seasons The sun to rise and set again We live our lives beneath his careful guiding Everything we have has come from him Your mighty works display your perfect wisdom The crashing seas display your glorious might The creatures of the earth know your provision Your Spirit is the one who gives us life So may I live to please my maker Let evil vanish from the earth The glory of the LORD endures forever And all my days I’ll sing his worth
The LORD is over the nations His glory reaches the skies He watches over the heav’ns and earth From his great throne on high He lifts the poor from the ashes And makes them eat with the King He gives the lonely a family And makes the sad to sing Praise the LORD, praise his holy name From break of dawn ’til darkness comes Praise the LORD, praise his holy name From break of dawn ’til darkness comes O Jesus, there is none like you O Jesus, there is none like you
LORD you reign in glorious light Robed in majesty You uphold the earth and sky From your ageless throne Your decrees are ever sure Age to age they stand Holiness adorns your courts LORD, for endless days Ruler of the ocean deep You command the raging seas LORD you are mighty O LORD you are mighty Storms may come and floods may rise Be our refuge LORD most high
Be gracious to us Lord And bless us from on high Turn your face to shine on us With beams of light divine From shore to distant shore May all men know your ways May your gospel truth resound In every tongue and race Let the nations come Let the nations come Let them sing your praise For you rule the world in righteousness How we await the day – The harvest yet to come When we, with those from every land Will gather round your throne
Like deer in thirsty lands I yearn for you Both day and night my tears have been my food My soul cries out to you, draw near me Lord And all day long men say ‘where is your God?’ And I remember now the days long gone When I would gladly sing of all you’ve done Why is my soul cast down, disturbed within? Sing praise to God and put your hope in him Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Awake my soul and sing My heart is still cast down, I think of you I feel a thousand miles from your great love When deep it calls to deep and billows roll Your waves and breakers overwhelm my soul By day I know your love, at night I sing O God my rock – have you forgotten me? Why is my soul cast down, disturbed within? Sing praise to God and put your hope in him When enemies arise, Lord rescue me And vindicate my name, my refuge be Send forth your light and truth, to guide me home: Your holy mountain, where you have your throne Then I will sing to you, my heart’s delight I gaze upon the place of sacrifice Why is my soul cast down, disturbed within? Sing praise to God and put your hope in him
O King, you are most worthy, of men you are the best Your words are true and gracious, you are forever blessed Take up your sword in splendour, ride forth in majesty For justice and mercy and true humility Your arrows pierce your enemies, you march across the land The peoples and the nations against you cannot stand Your throne will last forever, with justice you shall reign You love all that is righteous and hate all evil gain So God has richly blessed you with joy abundantly Your robes are all fragrant, your courts are ivory There princesses attend you, sweet music from of old Your future queen awaits you arrayed in finest gold O bride forsake all others, don’t give your love abroad The king desires your beauty; so honour him your Lord The gown he gives is glorious, the threads are twined with gold In shimmering colours the envy of the world A joyful crowd is with her, with gladness now they sing And finally she enters the palace of the king This king will reign forever, his sons upon the earth And ev’ry generation will tell of his great worth All nations will soon praise him and fall down at his feet His kingdom established, where truth and mercy meet O Jesus we adore you, our lover and our king Your church, your bride is waiting and so to you we sing
The LORD said to my Lord ‘Sit at my right hand, sit at my right hand Until I have placed all your enemies beneath: A footstool for your feet’ Your mighty ruling word Will conquer like a sword Arrayed in holy splendour Nations soon will gather Proclaiming ‘Jesus Christ is Lord!’ Jesus, yours alone is the Kingdom all the power belongs to you Jesus, yours alone is the Kingdom all the power belongs to you The LORD made you a priest To fully pay for sin, to fully pay for sin A priest of royal line, who lives forevermore And so our hope endures A day of wrath draws nigh When darkness clouds the sky Salvation for your people Triumph over evil And then you will be lifted high We fall down, we fall down before you, Lord You are king and priest forever You are king and priest forever You are king and priest forever You are God, you are Lord of all
LORD, over the earth you reign Let all the nations shake Between the cherubim you’re enthroned Great is the LORD in Zion Our God is lifted high Come and praise his great and awesome name Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty We lift him high, we lift him high Holy, holy, holy is the King of Glory He will reign forever Our God is strong and just He rules in righteousness The LORD has always done what is good No evil is found in him So we exalt our King Worship at the footstool of the LORD You answered your people’s cry When they called out to you You spoke out of the cloud, you drew near No sin is left unpaid Still you remember grace Praise the LORD upon his holy hill
Holy King, you are righteous and true With justice you govern the world Glory and majesty, power and honour are yours You defend the afflicted and weak You care for the fatherless children Peace will abound when you sit as the king of the earth Jesus Messiah, you are the light in the darkness Prince of Peace, sorrow will flee when you come in power Let your kingdom come Let your kingdom come Let your kingdom come From the river to earth’s farthest bounds Your kingdom will reach every shore Glory and majesty, power and honour are yours Soon all rulers will fall at your feet And nations and lands bring you tribute Every oppressor will tremble before your great wrath Jesus Messiah, you are the hope of the needy All the world, one day will gather around your throne Blessed King you will reign evermore Your splendour eclipses the sun Glory and majesty, power and honour are yours All the hills and the fields shall bear fruit The mountains be mantled with barley All of creation is longing for when you return Jesus Messiah, you are the one who brings blessing So we sing, sing hallelujah to you our King


Jesus Christ is Lord, the glorious king who will reign forever! These truths, the heartbeat of the Bible, may be expressed simply enough for children to understand, but the Bible also delights to explore them with as much variety and depth and richness as possible lest we become cold-hearted to the glories of Christ, because we are bored with the same over-familiar descriptions of him.
The Royal Psalms and the ‘Lord is King’ Psalms speak of Christ’s matchless excellence, his just rule, his prosperous reign, his perfect character – painting in fresh colours our king in all his beauty. Through these settings of those (and other) psalms, may our hearts may be lifted to him, in renewed adoration of the one who will rule ‘from the river to the ends of the earth.’ (Ps 72:8)

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released October 7, 2013

Tim O’Connor - vocals
Yvonne Lyon - vocals and backing vocals
Graeme Duffin - acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, programming and backing vocals
Sandy Jones - programming, acoustic guitars, electric guitars and bass
David Lyon - acoustic guitars, piano, keys, accordion and bouzouki
Matt Searles - acoustic guitar and piano

Produced by Graeme Duffin, Sandy Jones and David Lyon
Recorded at The Foundry Music Lab
Mixed by Graeme Duffin and Sandy Jones
Mastered by Graeme Duffin
Design by ninefootone creative
Original linocut print by Matt Searles
All songs written by Matt Searles


all rights reserved



Matt Searles Oxford, UK

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